Projector Installation


Ever thought about installing a projector to watch your favourite movies on the big screen inside your own home?

Want to really experience the atmosphere of the sporting event by immersing yourself fully with the benefit of a large projection screen and total surround sound?

At ATVB Ltd we’re here to help you find the perfect solution to help you create your very own home cinema where every movie, concert or match becomes an event.

From a simple TV set up or projector installation, to a dedicated home cinema or multi-room system, we can help you select the latest equipment at the best prices.

With home AV equipment evolving at a fast pace, we will visit your home to talk through and assess your needs, recommend a solution and provide a free no obligation quote to ensure the perfect solution that works with your budget.

Let ATVB Ltd make your new home cinema come alive.  Please call us on 01895 476501

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